Birth Announcement : Coco

When my friend Tim asked me to design a birth announcement for her soon to be born daughter, I felt very honored and even more exited. The fact that she wanted me to design the birth announcement, her confidence in my ability to meet her expectations, felt really great.

It also meant that I would be doing something I’d never done before. I would have to dig into a world that was new to me. Although I’m surrounded with friends and family that have or soon will have kids, I hadn’t really paid that much attention to the world of baby and kids design yet. As soon as I had the time I started to do some research.

Tim also sent me examples of drawings and cards she liked and I started sketching. From these sketches we picked the girl with the dandelion and the cat and I made the final drawings. Then I started fine-tuning the card with font options, different rim designs and finally the exact details when Coco was born. Coco’s birth announcements have been printed and sent out and both Coco’s proud parents and I are very pleased with the design of the cards.

The fun thing is that this commission opened new doors to me, a new world to be discovered. And there is so much more for me to find out. So in case you’re looking for a unique, one of a kind birth announcement or a kids-design whatsoever, feel free to contact me.
I would love to design something beautiful for your kid(s) too!


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