Book review : Miss yellow hair, hello!

Miss yellow hair, Hello! – The adventures of an unstoppable world traveler
written by Iris Hannema, published by Arbeiderspers
genre non fiction / travel, 213 pages

I picked this book up because…
As a digital nomad, the Dutch Iris Hannema travels the world while writing articles for newspapers and magazines such as National Geographic. The combination of a job as a (traveling) journalist/photographer, her humour and adventurous mind, makes that she ends up in unfamiliar places and the craziest of circumstances. Therefore this young woman has countless of stories to tell and already published two books that are filled with her experiences. Stumbling across her first book ‘Miss yellow hair, Hello!’ in the local library left me with no other option; this book had to be read.


The story in short 
If you want to read a book about traveling, the real traveling, ‘Miss yellow hair, hello!’ is the book you should read. This collection of short stories that take place all over the world, might be the ultimate inspiration source to go and explore the world yourself, or it might help you to decide to rather stay home and enjoy all the comforts that come with that.

There really isn’t a subject that has been overlooked in this book. Iris dares to share with us very personal and sometimes even shameful experiences and is brutally honest about the pleasures and pains traveling can entail. She is funny and practical and shares handy tips and tricks that we might be thankful for one day, when we find ourselves somewhere far from home. The addition of the pictures she took during those travels and refers to in some of the stories, only makes reading her stories more fun and real.

I think her Dutch mentality can easily be detected while reading the book. Iris is in no aspects subtle or subdued and goes for what she wants, the good way or the bad. That might seem a bit offensive to some readers, but I personally thought her way of dealing with the diverse and absurd situations was not only amusing, but mostly very human.

I finished this book because…
This book is easy to read because of the variety of stories and the personal tone of voice. Iris turns out to be a raw and realistic traveller and isn’t scared to share with us the funniest, dirtiest and sometimes painfully honest details of the crazy reality a traveller has to deal with. I really liked that she makes fun of herself and dares to acknowledge some of her weaknesses (especially when it comes to men) and at the same time turns out to be a very brave and adventurous woman.

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