Expo : Tracking Memories

Tracking Memories : The collective memory of a nation
One of my favorite museums in the Netherlands is about to close its doors. After 16 years and many beautiful exhibitions the AAMU museum of contemporary Aboriginal art in Utrecht, has come to its final exhibition.

There are several reasons why I love this tiny but wonderful museum so very much. When I was traveling through Australia, I fell in love with Aboriginal art for the very first time. In many Australian museums and national parks I’ve seen some of the most impressive and beautiful Aboriginal art. Being able to visit the AAMU in my home country makes me always feel like I’m back in Australia again.

Thanks to its lovely location, visiting the museum is very easy. It’s situated at the ‘Oudegracht’ right in the city centre of Utrecht. You can easily combine a day of shopping, sight seeing or having drinks at one of the terraces with a (quick) visit to this museum. The small size of the AAMU makes it possible to see a whole exhibition, even when there’s limited time.

Of course I think it’s very important that many people have the opportunity to become acquainted with how diverse, beautiful and fascinating (contemporary) Aboriginal art can be. Therefore I find it very sad that the one and only museum in Europe focusing on Aboriginal art will no longer be there to educate and inspire us all.

The museum decided to end with an appropriate farewell; a review of the last sixteen years in their final show ‘Tracking Memories : the collective memory of the nation’. An exhibition in which combinations of Aboriginal, European and African art have been made.

details of work by : Ron Hurley, Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, Gladys Kemarre & Keith Stevens

If you want to visit the AAMU one last time, make sure to have been there before June 15th this year, that’s the day this wonderful museum will finally close its doors.

* artwork in header by Doreen Reid Nakamarra

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