Book review : Hygge – the Danish art of happiness

Hygge – het geheim van de Deense Lifestyle
written by Marie Søderberg, published by Boekerij
genre lifestyle, 224 pages

I picked this book up because…
There are several books on the subject of hygge. But I got drawn to this one because of its wonderful cover. Such a beautiful abstract and festive design; a dark blue background decorated with confetti or blossom-like yellow and golden dots and the Scandinavian title written in an elegant but simple handwritten font. A book making such a promising first impression had to be explored.


The story in short
I’m sure most people have never heard of ‘hygge’ but for Danish people it’s a part of their DNA. Since we all strive for happiness and Denmark is known to be (one of) the happiest nations on this planet, we’d better pay attention. Especially since it turns out that this so called hygge does play a significant role in their happiness.

Hygge (pronounce: ‘Huuggeh’) is an amalgamation of the Danish climate, the country’s small size, its equality and welfare state and a focus on domestic bliss. Even though there are as many concepts of Hygge as there are Danish, you can say that it’s a lifestyle focussing on finding happiness in the small things in life. Things that don’t cost anything and actually could never be expressed in money. Happiness one feels while being surrounded by friends and family, the sensation of feeling sunlight on your skin, the enjoyment of drinking a cup of tea or coffee; all kinds of moments of happiness that can be found throughout day.

Although Hygge is a universal sensation, the Danish are the founders of the one and only word for it. And having a word for these moments of happiness, makes it so much easier to be aware of them and enjoy them to the fullest. In this book, authored by Danish actress Marie Søderberg, (famous) Danes give their version if what hygge is and what role it plays in their lives.

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I finished this book because…
This book is an introduction to a more hygge lifestyle, with hygge recipes, hygge diy-ideas and easy steps to make our lives and homes more hygge. It can be read, but because all stories are illustrated with beautiful pictures, it’s also fun to just thumb through the pages and enjoy the hygge atmosphere. It’s one of those books that make a wonderful present to give to loved ones or yourself.



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