Documentary : Given

Documentary / movie : Given
starring the Goodwin family, directed by Jess Bianchi
launched in 2017 by Good Wolf Entertainment, 74 minutes

When looking for a movie to watch my boyfriend and I immediate agreed upon Given; a  travelogue told by six years-old Given Goodwin who goes on a 14 month journey across the world with his mom Daize, dad Aamion and baby sister True.

“I asked my dad why we were leaving.
He said because it was what he did with his dad.” – Given Goodwin

And so the journey begins. From their island home of Kauai, the Goodswins pass through 15 different countries following the waves on their quest to find ‘the big fish’. Every place the Goodwins visit, Given learns wonderful new lessons, meets fascinating people, discovers local traditions and some of the most beautiful beaches, places and landscapes of our planet.

An amazing story, not only very pleasing to the eye, but also heart warming. Exploring our big and wonderful world through the eyes of a young boy and his surfing family. Living a life filled with respect for nature, always keen to explore their surroundings, making time for the people crossing their path and especially for the passing of knowledge from father to son.

Although the boy’s voiceover reminds me a bit of the movie ‘Australia’ and the storyline of the big fish might refer to Tim Burton’s ‘Big Fish’, Given definitely stands its own ground. Without any exaggeration I can say that this movie is just absolutely stunning! Even if the story told would not your cup of tea, the breathtakingly beautiful visual earthscapes will blow your mind and give you an instant traveling bug. Given, the movie, might be an inspiration for your own adventures or an easy way to explore our wonderful planet from your comfortable couch at home.

“The big fish waits for a strong and worthy opponent, to free his restless spirit. Whoever catches the big fish, carries the spirit of the ocean inside him.” – Given Goodwin

For more info and lots of beautiful travel pictures, check

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