Book review : The Paris Wife

This novel tells the beautiful but sad love story of one of America's biggest writers and his first and probably most loved wife. The story reads like a diary and gives a magnificent inside look into the life of Hadley and Ernest Hemingway and their struggles of being (the wife of) a poor, young, upcoming writer in Paris in the 1920's


Book review : The American Princess

Growing up in Jamestown as a descendant of the first settlers in America, Allene was raised in an entrepreneurial environment. This childhood in combination with her good looks and adventurous character, were all that was needed for a life like no other.

Book review : How to Become a Buddha in Five Weeks

A short course for getting a buddhist state of mind, in the form of a book. The book not only provides us with a clear and easy to understand explanation of the base principles on which a buddhistic mindset can be build. These principles have also been translated into a 5 week course that can be followed and completed by everybody who’s open and willing to do so.