Oh happy day!

Today exactly one year ago Morrie&Me launched its very first blogpost. And as you guys know, throughout the year many more have followed. To celebrate this milestone we made a selection of this year's favorite posts. What are your favorites?


Do it now!

Being a fan of lists, I don't really need the start of a new year to write down what I'd like to change or achieve the upcoming months. Hoping my findings might inspire you to be the most wonderful version of yourself and make the most of this new year that has just started, I'll share with you my own commandments.

Book review : If life was a circle, where would you be?

Having a lifelong fascination for circles, this time Inez van Oord refers to life itself as a circle. A circle like a compass; a compass with 'Mind' as North and 'Body' being South, 'Self' as East and 'Others' being West. A compass to help us find our own balance within those four poles. A compass that can guide us back to the centre of it all, back to the essence of what makes life worth living.

Book review : The Happiness Project

One morning like many others Gretchen Rubin, a NYC-based writer and mother of 2 young children, has the sudden realization that she's in danger of wasting her life. She feels like the years are passing her by and decides it's time for a change. Not because she isn't happy, but because she knows she can be happier. Knowing nothing will change unless she makes it change, she decides to dedicate a year trying to be happier and starts her own happiness project. A project that results in a blog, a website and eventually turn into a book. The book that I've been reading, several times.