Book review : Miss yellow hair, hello!

As a digital nomad, the Dutch Iris Hannema travels the world while writing articles for newspapers and magazines such as National Geographic. The combination of a job as a (traveling) journalist/photographer, her humour and adventurous mind, makes that she ends up in unfamiliar places and the craziest of circumstances. Therefore this young woman has countless of stories to tell and already published two books that are filled with her experiences. Stumbling across her first book 'Miss yellow hair, Hello!' in the local library left me with no other option; this book had to be read.

Book review : Wild

It’s the summer of ’95 when 26 year-old Cheryl makes one of the biggest and probably most impulsive decisions of her life. Four years after losing her mother, Cheryl finds her family scattered and her marriage broken. Accidentally coming across a book about the PCT at a gasstation, she decides this is what she needs. Not knowing what she is putting herself into, her adventure starts there & then.