Documentary : Given

When looking for a movie to watch my boyfriend and I immediate agreed upon Given; a breathtakingly beautiful travelogue told by six years-old Given Goodwin who goes on a 14 month journey across the world with his mom Daize, dad Aamion and baby sister True.

Moodboard : Our Livingroom

Creating a moodboard for our livingroom I kept in mind the moodboard should harbour a living vibe, show real homes, where people live and feel at home. A livingroom that isn’t perfect, but perfect for its inhabitants. Colourful and nice, cosy but not too sweet.

Documentary : Minimalism

'Minimalism' is a fascinating documentary about minimizing your life. A life in which less means more. A lifestyle conflicting with the western ideal in which materialism equals happiness. We've all heard of Marie-does it spark joy-Kondo who taught us how to get rid off all the stuff that we don't need. Well, for some people that is only the beginning.

Moodboard : Our Kitchen

Having enjoyed making moodboards of my ideal future home for years, this time it's even more fun, because it's for real and it feels really special being able to make this dream come true. It still takes a couple of months before we'll wake up in our new house, but the party has definitely started here and I can't wait to show you a glimpse of what it is going to look like. Starting today with some kitchen inspiration.

Do it now!

Being a fan of lists, I don't really need the start of a new year to write down what I'd like to change or achieve the upcoming months. Hoping my findings might inspire you to be the most wonderful version of yourself and make the most of this new year that has just started, I'll share with you my own commandments.