Oh happy day!

Today exactly one year ago Morrie&Me launched its very first blogpost. And as you guys know, throughout the year many more have followed. To celebrate this milestone we made a selection of this year's favorite posts. What are your favorites?

Book review : Hygge – the Danish art of happiness

I'm sure most people have never heard for 'hygge' but to Danish people it's a part of their DNA. Since we all strive for happiness and Denmark is known to be (one of) the happiest nations on this planet, we'd better pay a little attention. Especially since it turns out that Hygge does play a significant role in this happiness.

Do it now!

Being a fan of lists, I don't really need the start of a new year to write down what I'd like to change or achieve the upcoming months. Hoping my findings might inspire you to be the most wonderful version of yourself and make the most of this new year that has just started, I'll share with you my own commandments.