Dreaming, planning & doing

“Your vision of where you want to be is the greatest asset you have.”
– Paul Arden

I once read an interview with Caro Emerald, a young and famous Dutch singer. At a certain point in her life some years earlier, she’d written down a list of things she wanted to accomplish or achieve within the next 5 years to come. Looking back at that list, she could tick off almost all, if not all the things she had written down and was quite surprised of how many of your dreams or goals can come true, simply by working hard and giving it your best.


Five years ago I was traveling through Australia and New Zealand. Which for me meant making a dream come true. During the months I was traveling I not only had the time of my life but was also longing for my ‘future life’ at home. I wrote in my diary about the cosy and very ‘me’ apartment in which I saw myself living, about the fun and creative job (or even just some professional working experience) I’d hoped to find and also dreamed of sharing my life with the man of my dreams, who I thankfully didn’t find on the other side of the world.

When I came back home I had to start with next to nothing since most of my money was spend while traveling. So as soon I got the chance I started working at a temporary job, which I btw hated, and because I didn’t have a permanent job I wasn’t able to rent an apartment. But after months of applying for many jobs I got lucky and could call myself a product manager. Soon after signing that contract, I found the apartment I dreamed of and some years and a job later I finally found the man of my dreams, with whom I now share this little & cosy place of mine.

Looking back I can say that I as well did make the dreams I wrote down 5 years ago come true. And having done that, I decided it’s time for new plans to make, for new dreams to come true and new goals to achieve. Starting this blog is the very first thing to tick off my new list, although this is only the beginning and the rest is yet to come…

Why don’t you tell me about your plans and dreams you hope will come true?


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